The company was established in 1999. It involved in trading business before lately we developed into sale and distribution of products in Singapore.

Our company would select products from ideas contributed by our homemakers and innovate them before sourcing for oversea productions bearing our own brand “HomeJoy”. We ensure our products are of high quality and meeting the required specification. All our products are available in most department stores.

Company Strategy

Our vision is to become a leading Sales & Distribution company in building our own Brand as well as our partners’ Brand in giving our best products to every household. We believe in our products’ quality as well as its usage meets the highest expectations of everyone. We work towards to become the Top Supplier to our channels’ partners.


Our mission is to bring high quality products to our customers at a reasonable and affordable price.


We shall act with high integrity and as a responsible organization in society. Customers’ needs will be our needs to be an effective organization in bringing values in our products.

Business Goals & Objectives

Our goals are to make our products to become a leading and popular brands in the market through our marketing strategy, channel distribution and logistics support. We also wanted to recognize as the Top Supplier of our products in the market.

Business Strategy & Economic Intent

We keep a lean organization and focus products distribution through well-known channels. Having our overseas production partners’ support, we are getting highly reliable product quality and supply.

We worked with our partners’ brand ensuring the right products with its value meets our customers’ need. We would continue seek our customers’ endorsement on our products and its brand.

Making the brands to become well-known in the market would provide returns to our stakeholders in our organization.

Business Concept

We do innovate existing products available in the market with improved features so that the products are of better use and durable. Likewise we do the same for our partners’ brand in ensuring the products are of good quality. All products are made available to our customers in leading departmental stores.


Own Brand “HomeJoy” – mainly household products focusing on home hangers, shoe holder, adjustable foldable table, laundry hangers and bins and storage wardrobe.

Business Competitiveness

a. Our products’ prices are reasonable and affordable
b. Our products are of good value and high quality. We are providing one year warranty on our products to provide added assurance on our product quality.
c. Our products are made available in leading department stores.

Quality Policies & Objectives

All our products sourced from overseas factories with relevant ISO and Quality certification issued by recognized institutions.

Business Model & Value Chain

We always worked closely with our channels’ partner to provide them with good quality products for sales in their department stores. We valued our channel partnership and also participate in their stores’ promotions. We explore new products with our partners ensuring the good turnaround of new products in each store.

With the support of reliable source of production from overseas, we would have the product availability and supply on time to our channels’ partners.